I was extended and accepted the call to the pastorate of Antioch Baptist on September 6, 2006.  I was born (Oct. 13, 1950) and raised in Texas.  After graduating from Cooper High School in Abilene, TX, I married by high school sweetheart, Velda Hazelton on October 25, 1969.  We have four children, three boys and one girl, and eighteen grandchildren.

My education includes several years of secular college studying engineering/architecture.  When I surrendered to preach in a mission conference in November 1976, I left secular college and went to Bible college.  I currently hold a Graduate of Theology from Baptist Bible College (Springfield, MO), a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from Baptist Christian College (Shreveport, LA) and a Master of Arts in Bible Psychology from Baptist Christian University (Shreveport, LA).  I was ordained in May 1978 at Grace Bible Baptist Church in Springfield, MO.

My ministry has covered being a pastor, missionary, Bible publisher, and Bible counselor.  My family and I were missionaries in the Netherlands in Europe for one term.  I’ve pastored three English speaking churches in the Netherlands, one English speaking church in Germany, and Antioch is the second church I’ve pastored in the USA. God has confirmed time and again that His Word does not return void in seeing souls saved, lives changed, and others being called into the harvest.  It is a privilege to be a laborer in His harvest field.

Pastor Ken Black